Government of Canada announces end to Canada’s Asbestos Industry

September 14, 2012
Dear Constituents of Sarnia-Lambton,

Today, Minister of Industry Christian Paradis announced financial support of up to $50 million on behalf of the Government of Canada to assist communities in Quebec associated with the Asbestos industry to transition their regional economies away from this product.

In addition, it has been announced as of today, that the Government of Canada will no longer oppose efforts to include Chrysotile Asbestos from being included in Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention.

The recently-elected Quebec government has made it clear that they will no longer provide support to the asbestos communities in question, and in fact will ban the mining of Chrysotile Asbestos in Quebec.

This means that the Chrysotile mines are no longer viable, and Canada will no longer be an exporter of Chrysotile.

Due to the impact this will have on the workers and their families in this region of Quebec, the Government of Canada will invest in a diversification strategy to help transition the regional economy away from the production of Chrysotile Asbestos, something which I have been calling for as MP for Sarnia-Lambton for some time now.

As the Member of Parliament for a community that has been dealing with the impacts of asbestos for many years now, I am pleased with the actions of the Government of Canada to transition the Asbestos region of Quebec away from asbestos production and to allow the placing of this product on the Annex III of the Rotterdam Convention.

Furthermore, I wish to congratulate Minister of Industry Christian Paradis for taking a bold and decisive step in reversing a 4-decade old policy held by the Government of Canada that was supported by various governing parties. I have no doubt that this announcement will be supported in Sarnia-Lambton and in fact across Canada by all Canadians, who will feel this decision is the right and responsible choice to make.


Pat Davidson
Member of Parliament: Sarnia-Lambton